Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is posted in accordance with common sense and Cal. Bus. and Professions Code 22575 and is effective immediately.

  • Here's the only data that we collect when you visit the site: Your e-mail address and any information you voluntarily enter when you post on the bulletin board, petitions or campaigns functions, and only if you explicitly give permission for us to contact you.
  • As with all websites, a temporary log is created on our server identifying the numerical computer address of visitors. We delete this as frequently as possible, and use it only to figure out how many people visit the site.

That's it. We will never sell, give or otherwise provide your information to anybody else. Heck, we'll even fight if the government wants it, even if we have to go to jail under recently enacted laws. We care about your (and our) privacy, and will fight like hell to protect it.

Finally, if you're under 13 years old, the government thinks that you're not old enough to think for yourself. Therefore, please don't submit any personal information to this site unless your parents give the A-Okay.
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