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Nov 14, 2017

Grumpy Jerry

'I hate everything.' Is Jerry Brown enjoying himself in Europe?


Sacramento Bee's CHRISTOPHER CADELAGO: "Nine days into his European trip, Jerry Brown might have been enjoying himself."


"The Democratic governor had just wrapped interviews with Japanese and German reporters late Saturday, after holding a climate coalition signing ceremony with Terry McAuliffe, or His Excellency, the honorific used for the governor of Virginia. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer were also at the photo op."


"That’s when Brown was asked whether he enjoyed it at the UN climate conference."


“No, I hate everything,” he said, allowing the slightest smile. “Why do you ask that silly question?”


READ MORE about The Gubernator: California Gov. Jerry Brown to world climate leaders in Germany: '#WeAreStillIn' -- The Chronicle's KURTIS ALEXANDER


CA120: Will the wave hit California's shores?


Capitol Weekly's PAUL MITCHELL: "With Tuesday night’s Democratic wins in traditional bellwether gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, a massive pickup-in the Virginia Legislature, wins in several mayoral races and other assorted gains, the pundits appear locked into the narrative that we are headed for a wave election."


"This would follow the pattern we have seen previously, in which the mid-term elections serve as rebalancing against the party in power."


"They include, most famously, the 1994 Republican takeover of congress and the “Contract with America” which made Newt Gingrich a household name. That victory was seen as a direct rebuke of the 1992 victory by Bill Clinton and corresponding wins among members of congress who rode his coattails to election that cycle."

Does tax bill help or hurt Californians? Republicans are hearing it from both sides


McClatchy DC's EMILY CADEI: "Millions of California voters opened their newspapers Tuesday morning to a scathing critique of the Republican tax bill currently under consideration in Washington."


"Tax reform shouldn’t hurt Californians, but this proposal does, in a big way,” the California Association of Realtors warns in a full-page ad running in the Nov. 14 edition of the Los Angeles TimesOrange County RegisterBakersfield CalifornianSan Diego Union-TribuneSacramento BeeModesto Bee and Fresno Bee, as well as as Politico and the DC edition of the Wall Street Journal."


"The ad, an open letter to President Trump and California’s congressional delegation, is just the latest in a flurry of campaigning on the GOP’s tax overhaul that has the state’s 14 Republicans on the hot seat – particularly a handful of vulnerable members from the Southern California suburbs. Along with their GOP counterparts from a few other high-cost, high-tax states, California Republicans face a choice of voting for legislation that would erase tax deductions prized by many of their constituents or going against their leaders and sinking the party’s best chance for a legislative victory ahead of the 2018 elections. Unlike Republicans from New York and New Jersey, the GOP delegation from California has not come out against the House tax reform proposal, en masse, despite its political downside back home."


READ MORE related to Death & TaxesBipartisan analysis: Senate bill would hike taxes for 13.8 million people -- APAd blitz in California brings tax plan fight home -- LA Times' CHRISTINE MAI-DUC/SARAH D. WIRE/SEEMA MEHTAConsumer advocates will converge on Congress, but don't expect GOP to see the light -- LA Times' DAVID LAZARUSSome in state GOP delegation to Congress take soft stand on tax bill -- The Chronicle's JOE GAROFOLI


California has good-paying jobs for workers without a bachelor's degree


EdSource's MIKHAIL ZINSHTEYN: "Workers who want to earn at least $35,000 a year increasingly need to have some training beyond high school but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree."


"That’s the conclusion of a Georgetown University study on the nation’s workforce that goes beyond the narrative that all students need to aim for a four-year college degree."


"While the nation has lost more than a million good-paying blue-collar jobs, researchers have found that there is a restructuring underway, as new good positions that don’t require a bachelor’s degree have been created in California and elsewhere."


SCOTUS to decide California law on 'crisis pregnancy centers'


The Chronicle's BOB EGELKO: "The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether California can require hundreds of antiabortion clinics, known as “crisis pregnancy centers,” to notify patients that the state makes abortion and other reproductive health care available at little or no cost."


"A state law requiring the notifications took effect in 2016 and lower federal courts upheld it, saying California was merely requiring the clinics to provide accurate health care information that their patients have a right to receive. But the high court granted review Monday of the clinics’ claim that the law violates their freedom of speech."


"Forcing anyone to provide free advertising for the abortion industry is unthinkable — especially when it’s the government doing the forcing,” said Kevin Theriot, a lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious conservative group representing the clinics."


First digital pill approved amid worries about biomedical 'Big Brother'


NYT's PAM BELLUCK: "For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a digital pill — a medication embedded with a sensor that can tell doctors whether, and when, patients take their medicine."


"The approval, announced late on Monday, marks a significant advance in the growing field of digital devices designed to monitor medicine-taking and to address the expensive, longstanding problem that millions of patients do not take drugs as prescribed."


"Experts estimate that so-called nonadherence or noncompliance to medication costs about $100 billion a year, much of it because patients get sicker and need additional treatment or hospitalization."


USC had many warnings about medical school dean's behavior, but took little action


LA Times' PAUL PRINGLE/ADAM ELMAHREK: "For years, the troubling reports circulated among the faculty of USC's Keck School of Medicine: Their dean had a drinking problem."


"One colleague told of witnessing a boozy Dr. Carmen Puliafito reeling and shouting at a university dinner. Another said Puliafito appeared drunk at an off-campus gathering as he spilled into his car and drove away."


"Then there was a Keck medical conference, a researcher who attended recalled, in which the dean seemed inebriated when he fell asleep in his chair."


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This map shows the extent of the Southern California apartment boom. Will all the construction help lower your rent?


OC Register's JEFF COLLINS: "Irvine resident Mike Meservey thought he would find a bargain when he saw all the new apartments being built along Jamboree Road."


"Developers must be desperate to fill all these new buildings, he figured. And they must be offering deals."


"Turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. As a result, Meservey and his wife, Rose, are staying put in the Irvine condo they’re renting for $2,000 a month."


READ MORE related to Business/Development: 'Star wars' land, Disneyland photos: Construction progresses on resort's planned attraction -- OC Register's MARK EADES


Salt Lake County to sue over distribution of opioids


KSL's KATIE MCKELLAR: "Fed up with the tragedy and economic losses associated with the national opioid epidemic and its impact on Utahns, Salt Lake County leaders plan to join other counties and states across the nation that are suing opioid drug manufacturers."


"I expect to see damages for the harm that has been caused to our community," Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams said at a news conference Monday. "But more importantly, we want to change the outrageous behavior that is harming families and harming the safety of our community."


"It's not yet clear how much in damages Salt Lake County officials will be seeking or which companies they will be suing, but District Attorney Sim Gill said his legal team will be working through the specifics over the next two weeks while the suit is prepared for filing."


Senate Republicans repudiate Roy Moore's candidacy and urge him to leave the race


WaPo's SEAN SULLIVAN/ROBERT COSTA/JENNA JOHNSON: "Senate Republican leaders on Monday waged an urgent campaign to pressure GOP nominee Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race amid allegations of sexual misconduct, declaring him “unfit to serve” and threatening to expel him from Congress if he were elected."


"But Moore showed no signs that he was preparing to step aside, even as another woman came forward, accusing him of sexually assaulting her in the late 1970s when she was 16 years old."


"The fusillade from Senate Republicans started Monday morning in Louisville, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) called on Moore to end his run."


READ MORE related to #MeToo: New woman accuses Moore of sexual misconduct when she was a minor -- LA Times' ROBERT COSTA/JENNA JOHNSON; Woman accuses former president George H.W. Bush of groping her when she was 16 -- LA Times' MARWA ELTAGOURI


Trump asked Chinese leader to help resolve case involving UCLA basketball players


LA Times' BRIAN BENNETT/MATTHEW DEBUTTS: "President Trump has asked China’s leader, Xi Jinping, to help resolve the case involving three UCLA basketball players being detained at a hotel in Hangzhou for allegedly shoplifting."


"China is "working on it right now," Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Tuesday afternoon, just as his plane was about to take off from Manila, the final leg of his 12-day trip to Asia."


"Trump made the request while in Beijing last week before departing Friday for Vietnam and the Philippines. He asked for Xi’s help in settling the case quickly and ensuring that the players, all freshmen, were treated fairly, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told The Times."


READ MORE related to POTUS45: Trump offered to return Philippine fugitive back to Duterte during bilateral talks --


Atty. Gen. Sessions to again explain his incorrect statements on contacts with Russia during 2016 campaign


LA Times' CATHLEEN DECKER: "Few weeks have gone by this year without President Trump’s least favorite topic, the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, surfacing in some form."


"On Tuesday, even as the president flies back from his 12-day Asian trip, the subject will rise again."


"Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is scheduled to testify at 10 A.M. Eastern to the House Judiciary Committee. He will try to square his past assertions that he knew of no contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians with new claims in court documents and congressional testimony alleging that he did."


READ MORE related to KremlinGate (and a potential LiberalGate): Donald Trump Jr. communicated with Wikileaks during 2016 campaign -- WaPo's CAROL D. LEONNIG/ROSALIND S. HELDERMANSessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns, letter shows -- WaPo's MATT ZAPOTOSKY


#GayMediaSoWhite no more? Two new digital magazines signal a more diverse LGBTQ media


LA Times' TRE'VELL ANDERSON: "When #GayMediaSoWhite trended on Twitter last year, a glaring and problematic similarity between mainstream and LGBTQ media surfaced: both privilege the white-male perspective over the voices of people of color."


"Though a writ-large criticism that’s long been lodged at media industrywide, it’s one that many thought LGBTQ publications, with their ethos to uplift those traditionally marginalized and ignored, would take more seriously."


"The covers of noted queer magazines like Out, the Advocate and Attitude said otherwise."


A high-powered laser blinded the pilot. But it led cops to the guy pointing it, they say


McClatchy's JARED GILMOUR: "When a Fresno, Calif. man allegedly shot a high-powered green laser at a police helicopter pilot in October, he successfully hit the pilot’s eyes and blinded him — at least momentarily, police said."


"That was Michael Alvarez’ goal with the laser pointer, authorities said: He “thought it would be funny to point the laser at a helicopter” from the car he was driving with some passengers just after midnight on Oct. 22, according to new federal charging documents reported by Ars Technica."


"Unfortunately for Alvarez, the alleged stunt revealed his location, according to police. He was spotted driving a white, four-door Toyota north on Highway 99, federal charging documents said."


Forget Donald Trump. Can anybody solve climate change?


Sacramento Bee's CHRISTOPHER CADELAGO: "Meeting for annual climate talks, America’s political leaders are forcefully reiterating their commitments to the landmark Paris climate accord, despite President Donald Trump’s dismissal of the pact as a threat to the nation’s economy and sovereignty."


"Govs. Jerry Brown of California, Jay Inslee of Washington and Kate Brown of Oregon – top officials of the West Coast’s “Blue Wall” – promised in Bonn to fill the widening gap left by the federal government’s retreat from the international stage. They were joined by mayors and members of Congress, business leaders and philanthropists in their calls for resolve."


"Yet as the world grapples with the challenge of converting their ambitious pledges two years ago in Paris into actionable plans to decrease greenhouse gasses, a more vexing question hangs over the conference: Can climate change be solved by politics, or is the existential threat too polarizing, distant and amorphous to tackle?"


Sacramento State gets its largest donation: $6 million from former Sleep Train owner


Sacramento Bee's DIANA LAMBERT: "Sacramento State announced Monday that it has received the largest donation in its history – $6 million from former Sleep Train Mattress Centers owner Dale Carlsen – to pay for a center for innovation and entrepreneurship."


"Right now at Sacramento State and in our region, this is a transformative time,” Carlsen said after the announcement at a campus press conference. “This is the time to grow more entrepreneurs, grow more businesses, grow more jobs in our area, and this is the way to do it. We have to do it through innovation. We’ve got to do it through creativity."


“The old-school way doesn’t work anymore. Changing the mindset at the campus will change the mindset in the region.”


Car stunt shuts down Highway 50, leads to dozens of citations


Sacramento Bee's BENJY EGEL: "Three illegal sideshows popped up in Sacramento on Saturday night and Sunday morning, including one that stopped traffic on HIghway 50 while cars spun in circles across the freeway."


"Authorities found about 500 cars and 1,000 people driving recklessly at the 3000 block of Power Inn Road around 10:20 p.m. on Saturday, according to Sacramento Police Department crime logs. After receiving backup from the California Highway Patrol, officers cited dozens of people for various California Vehicle Code violations and arrested one person who attempted to flee the scene before getting stopped in West Sacramento, spokesman Eddie Macaulay said."


"About 100 cars were discovered racing and driving recklessly at 1:30 a.m. Sunday in a business park north of Elder Creek Road. Air unit assistance helped police identify and cite one driver, whose vehicle was impounded for 30 days."


READ MORE related to Transportation: California clears the way for testing of fully driverless cars. Local, federal interests have concerns. -- LA Times' LIAM DILLON; Oakland police crack down on Saturday night sideshows -- The Chronicle's ANNIE MA


Stretched thin, LA County's mental health teams struggle to get patients out of jails and into hospitals


Daily News' SUSAN ABRAM: "The 13-year-old held a knife against her throat one spring morning, looked her mom in the eyes and said she’d do it."


"It was a threat built on depression, anger and despair. The teen had tried to run away from home. She twisted and pinched her skin until her arms and neck turned blue. She stole a cell phone from a student at school and used it to post photos of herself on an adult dating site. When her mother confronted her, the teen became upset."


"She grabbed the blade."


READ MORE related to Health: 'We see them at their worst': How LA County's mental health team is working to end a stigma -- Daily News' SUSAN ABRAM; California sees increase in West Nile virus deaths this year, compared to 2016 -- Daily News' SUSAN ABRAM


Sydney ferry named Ferry McFerryface after 'Boaty McBoatface' was overruled.


AP: "A new Sydney Harbor ferry will be christened Ferry McFerryface — Sydney’s second favorite choice after the now famous jokey Mc-moniker, Boaty McBoatface."


"New South Wales state government officials overruled the most popular name for the ferry after the trendsetter was first snubbed last year as a name for a British polar survey vessel. That ship was christened Sir David Attenborough in honor of the naturalist and broadcaster and Boaty McBoatface became the name of one of its remotely operated submarines."


"Given ‘Boaty’ was already taken by another vessel, we’ve gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders,” New South Wales Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said in a statement Tuesday."

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