Fresh face, new money

Apr 17, 2019

This new House Democrat from Turlock raised more money than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


McClatchy's KATE IRBY: "A rookie California congressman who flipped a Republican seat last fall has raised more money for re-election than any other freshman Democrat, even outpacing members who have become household names such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar."


"That’s bad news for Republicans, who have listed Rep. Josh Harder, D-Turlock, as a top target in 2020 in the GOP’s bid to reclaim a majority in the House of Representatives."


"Harder brought about $870,000 in the first quarter of 2019. Harder also has about $790,000 in cash on hand."


Thousands of Californians donate to Trump campaign


McClatchy's EMILY CADEI: "For thousands of Californians, President Donald Trump’s near-constant attacks on their home state have not caused offense. In fact, they’re kicking in millions of dollars so that he can do it for another four years."


"The president’s reelection campaign raised $1.7 million from California donors giving $200 or more in the first three months of 2019 — and no doubt even more from small-dollar donors in the state whose information does not have to be disclosed."


"That’s just a fraction of what Trump’s 2020 rivals collectively raised in the Democratic-leaning state. California Sen. Kamala Harris, alone, raised $4.3 million from large-dollar donors in her home state."


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Tracking the Newsom administration's progress, 100 days in


Sacramento Bee's SOPHIA BOLLAG/The Chronicle's ALEXEI KOSEFF:  "One hundred days into his tenure, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has taken initial steps toward many of promises he made on the campaign trail, from proposing increased funding for homeless services to speeding up firefighting efforts."


"He’s far from accomplishing many of his concrete long-term goals, however, like building 3.5 million new homes and creating half a million apprenticeships. He says he’s nevertheless done a lot in his first months in office."


"Thirty-year trendlines can’t be reversed overnight, but we’ve seeded a lot of these things,” Newsom told The Bee in an interview Monday."


New PG&E chief to receive millions in pay, stock to take over bankrupt company


Sacramento Bee's DALE KASLER: "Already facing criticism over a proposed bonus plan for thousands of employees, PG&E plans to pay its new chief executive at least $6 million a year to run the bankrupt utility."


"In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, PG&E Corp. said Tuesday that new CEO Bill Johnson receive $6 million a year in base pay and stock awards. The stock awards will be based on a performance scale heavily weighted toward the utility’s safety record — an apparent nod to critics who have ripped PG&E over the deadly wildfires of 2017 and 2018."


"Johnson, 65, also will receive a “one-time transition payment” of $3 million on his first day on the job, May 1. He could have to cough up that payment if he leaves or his fired for cause within his first year."


Parents in college admissions scandal tell judge: no conspiracy


LA Times's HANNAH FRY: "A Palo Alto couple accused of paying $25,000 to rig their son’s college entrance exam asked a federal judge this week to dismiss the indictment against them, claiming there was no conspiracy among the parents entangled in the college admissions scandal."


"Amy and Gregory Colburn’s defense, which is detailed in a document filed in federal court in Boston on Monday, is the first to be made public since prosecutors announced charges against a cadre of wealthy parents, coaches and others in the cheating scheme."


"In March, a federal grand jury indicted the oncologist and his wife on conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and honest services fraud, along with conspiracy to commit money laundering. The couple have pleaded not guilty."


California hits back as Trump regurgitates immigration threats


LA Times's DAKOTA SMITH/CINDY CARCAMO/MOLLY OTOOLE/TARYN LUNA: "California Democrats this week stepped up their attacks on President Trump over his threat to send immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities, even as experts suggested the president’s plan could backfire and lure more migrants to the north."


"Gov. Gavin Newsom labeled the president’s proposed policy nonsensical, saying Trump campaigned on deporting more immigrants. But his latest plan looks as if he intends to allow some migrants to remain in the U.S."


“Which one is it, Mr. President?” Newsom asked rhetorically, in an interview with The Times. “That fundamental flaw in the logic needs to be considered.”


SF General sees light after public pressure, revises system that produced big bills


The Chronicle's HEATHER KNIGHT: "San Franciscans, rest easy. If you’re hit by a car, shot, fall off a roof or suffer any other major injury, you can now receive top-notch medical care at the city’s only trauma center without risking bankruptcy."


"After months of intense media coverage of its unfair billing system, San Francisco General Hospital officials on Tuesday announced major changes aimed at protecting patients’ financial health as well as their physical well-being."


Port of LA automation vote is delayed after stevedore protest


LA Times's MARGOT ROOSEVELT: "Facing a crowd of more than 1,200 protesting dockworkers, the Port of Los Angeles’ Harbor Commission delayed a decision Tuesday over whether to open the way to automation in North America’s largest terminal — a dispute involving jobs, clean air and Southern California’s dominance as an import gateway to U.S. shoppers."


"The 30-day postponement on a construction permit for Maersk, the giant shipping firm, was requested by Mayor Eric Garcetti, who wrote the commission that he was “confronted by a complex set of negotiations which would benefit from more time."


"It was the second delay Garcetti had requested on the permit to replace about 100 diesel tractors, which are operated by members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, with driverless electric vehicles, potentially eliminating hundreds of jobs."


Can Border Patrol agents invade your digital privacy on demand?


The Chronicle's BOB EGELKO: "The well-publicized detention and interrogation of a high-level Silicon Valley tech worker at San Francisco International Airport by Border Patrol agents, and their demands that he unlock and surrender his cell phone and laptop computer, raise a legal question that probably is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court: How much evidence do officers need to search electronic devices carried into the country?"


"The answer, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is little or none. At least that’s how its agents responded in November when Andreas Gal of San Mateo, former chief technology officer of Mozilla Corp., arrived in San Francisco after a business trip to Sweden for his current employer, Apple Inc."


"Gal, 42, said three armed agents held him for an hour and questioned him “aggressively” about his trip, his job and his past work for Mozilla. The questions, he said in an interview, were “very pointed, direct, surprising,” and focused on his views favoring online privacy and stronger encryption, which “happened to be contrary to the government’s view."


Sacramento City Council approves ban on flavored tobacco product sales


Sacramento Bee's THERESA CLIFT: "It will soon be illegal to sell flavored e-cigarette cartridges, menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products in Sacramento’s city limits."


"The Sacramento City Council voted 7-1 Tuesday to approve the flavor ban, which will go in to effect Jan. 1."


"Councilman Larry Carr voted against the ban."


Ex-Alameda County jail guards to face new felony charges for 'gassings'


The Chronicle's GWENDOLYN WU: "The case against two former Alameda County sheriff’s deputies who allegedly allowed a Santa Rita Jail inmate to douse others with feces and urine will move forward with additional felony charges, the district attorney’s office said Tuesday."


"Justin Linn and Erik McDermott appeared before Judge Morris Jacobson on Monday in an Alameda County courthouse, where 11 witnesses testified that the former jail deputies repeatedly abused inmates, prosecutor Tim Wagstaffe said."


"Linn and McDermott each face 10 counts of assault under the color of authority and one count of dissuading a witness by force, according to court records."


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Dixie school board in San Rafael agrees to change name many said evoked Confederacy


The Chronicle's ASHLEY MCBRIDE: "The Dixie School District will have a new name."


"The new title has yet to be decided, but the Dixie school board in San Rafael voted Tuesday night to change a name that many said evokes Confederate imagery. The vote is the latest step in a clash that has pitted neighbors against each other and put the small school district in the national spotlight. Opponents of the change contend the Dixie name simply represents a district with an excellent reputation."


"Dozens of people packed the Dixie School District board room, while a group of alumni stood outside the building with signs and banners chanting, “Dixie must go!"


Ferry to Chase Center could score points with Warriors fans


The Chronicle's RACHEL SWAN: "Officials in San Francisco have a new transit solution to pipe thousands of Warriors fans to the Chase Center arena when it opens this fall: a temporary ferry terminal at Mission Rock."


"The landing, really just a gangway connected to the pier south of Mission Creek, needs to run through a long gantlet of approvals. But if everything aligns perfectly, it would open in time for the first game day in October — and possibly as early as September."


"In two years, the city hopes to open a more substantial ferry landing at 16th Street near Mission Rock, which would serve commuters as well as sports revelers. It would be the latest addition to a bus-like water transit service that enthralls politicians and transit experts, with stops at Fisherman’s Wharf, downtown and Treasure Island."


Cow Palace to end gun shows next year


The Chronicle's ALEXEI KOSEFF: "The Cow Palace will no longer host gun shows after this year, but the move has not quelled a legislative effort to replace the leadership at the arena and potentially redevelop the property."


"Following years of community activism against the gun shows, which bring thousands of buyers and sellers to the Daly City event center five times a year, the governing board of the Cow Palace voted Tuesday not to hold shows after 2019, when a contract with the exhibitor Crossroads of the West expires."


"Lori Marshall, chief executive officer of the Cow Palace, said in a statement that the decision was “mindful, although not necessarily governed by,” bans on gun shows in surrounding cities and counties."


Trump's Twitter Tantrums


The Chronicle's TRAPPER BYRNE: "President Trump sought to sharpen what he views as a threat aimed at sanctuary cities and states the other day, tweeting that undocumented immigrants “who can no longer be legally held” would be “given” to such jurisdictions."


"The president didn’t single out any of the California’s sanctuary cities and counties, although he did take a swipe over the weekend at Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for calling the idea “an abuse of power and public resources.” It also wasn’t clear what he meant by his latest tweet Monday or how it would be carried out — Chronicle Washington correspondent Tal Kopan reported that there are several potential legal and practical obstacles to such a plan, which might be self-defeating for Trump anyway."


"But Trump’s style isn’t necessarily to carry out his tweet threats — in some cases, he seems mainly to be trolling the other side. Here’s a brief history of Trump’s tweets at California and what, if anything, they have led to:"


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