The campaign comes to the capital

May 31, 2016

Presidential hopefuls Trump and Sanders are both making their way towards Sacramento:Trump will visit the capital and Sanders will stop by Davis


Sac Bee's David Siders reports: "Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won’t be debating. But they’ll hold competing rallies in Sacramento and Davis on Wednesday, speaking at roughly the same time about 20 miles apart."


"Hillary Clinton will return to California the following day, as the June 7 primary nears."


"Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and Clinton, who is all but certain to win the Democratic nomination, have been out of state in recent days, while Sanders’ campaign has continued to scrap here."


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Being a nonpartisan voter in California has its own confusion as many independents struggle to figure out exactly how to vote for a Democratic nominee. 


Capitol Weekly's Paul Mitchell writes: "A CA120 article recently shed light on a hurdle facing nonpartisan voters in California’s June 7 presidential primary election.  These voters are eligible to participate in the Democratic primary, but confusion is lurking, particularly for mail-in voters."


"As a part of that story, we conducted a poll of nonpartisan voters asking if they wanted to participate in the open Democratic primary, re-register to participate in the closed Republican primary or sit out the Presidential contests entirely.  Given these choices, two-thirds of voters stated that they wanted to vote in the Democratic contest."


"But it is what came next that raised some eyebrows."


Meanwhile, if you want to find out who is funding your local campaign, you may have a difficult time doing so in California due to antiquated methodology as the state struggles to modernize online access to campaign finance records


LAT: "Editor's note: This story was reported and written by students in Stanford University's graduate program in journalism."


"More than half of California’s counties — most of them small and rural — don’t provide online access to campaign finance records, and they say they aren’t likely to change any time soon, an assessment of county-level contribution records shows."


"Only 28 of the state’s 58 counties provide campaign finance information online. And of those, just 17 make the data available in formats that make it easy to search and analyze the money influencing local elections."


Clinton has California in her crosshairs as she prepares for the final push before the primary. 


LAT's Seema Mehta: "Hillary Clinton’s campaign had once hoped the California primary could be a coronation for the former secretary of State, the last major stop en route to claiming the Democratic presidential nomination."


"Instead, it has turned into a dogfight with Bernie Sanders, who has been campaigning nonstop through the state. With at least one public poll showing the race now a tie, the Clinton campaign has decided to step up her appearances in the state."


“It’s going to be closer than we thought,” said former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a longtime Clinton backer, adding that he ultimately expected her to win the state."


As murder in Compton skyrockets, help from the feds couldn't be more welcome but couldn't be less effective. 


Nicole Santa Cruz and Angel Jennings in LAT: "Pastor Michael Fisher had just left his Compton church when he saw a red car punctured with bullet holes."


"The driver was slumped in the front seat. Another man who had been riding in the car was in the street nearby, fatally wounded and lying in his own blood."


"Fisher pulled over on South Wilmington Avenue and got out to help. He looked into the pained eyes of the man on the ground and grabbed his hand. The pastor prayed as Boston Farley, a father of a 1-year-old boy, vomited, then slipped away."


A grief counselor prepares to face her own set of pain in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks.


AP's Christine Armario: Mandy Pifer drove to the Los Angeles Police Department last week and prepared to face a fresh wave of grief."


"Pifer, a crisis counselor, has spent the last six years comforting people in the aftermath of death. The woman whose sister killed herself with an electric chainsaw. The 8-year-old girl who found her mother shot to death on their couch."


"The grief she was preparing to encounter was her own."


And now from our "Down, but not out" file ...


Fans of the NBA were in for one hell of a wild ride this week, as the Living Record Book, aka Golden State Warriors, brought a 4-3 semi-final series victory after being down 1-3 only a few days prior.


Bleacher Report: "The Golden State Warriors' 2015-16 checklist is almost complete."


"They won an NBA-record 73 games during the regular season,Stephen Curry captured his second straight MVP Award and the Warriors finished a dramatic 3-1 comeback in the Western Conference Finals with a 96-88 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7 on Monday night at Oracle Arena."


"Now all they have to do is beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to win a second straight title."